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Travel the globe without leaving the Midwest.


North Dakota has a rich heritage of Swedish, Norwegian & German influences. Traditionally, a meat and potatoes diet reflected that.

But downtown Fargo’s restaurants decided to step out of the carb-loaded comfort zone and introduce exotic flavors into Midwestern minds and haven’t looked back.

You’ll begin with a very North Dakotan bite -- a bison burger. Then it’s off to Italy for some classic pastas with a twist, before we dive into Norwegian lutefisk (pickled herring) and smørbrød (open-faced Scandinavian sandwiches) as a nod to our heritage.

Jewish-Nordic bagels are next, followed by sausages and sauerkraut of Germany. We’ll spice it up with some Mexican street food, before jet setting to Japan for a refreshing sushi roll, and finally finishing in France over delicate pastries.


The nitty gritty details

Food Tastings

taste bison burgers

It's like beef, but better -- and locally sourced in North Dakota

A Little Italy

You can't go wrong with a classic, delicious pasta dish

Norwegian smörgåsbord

Try some time-honored favorites of North Dakota's Norwegians

Nordic-Jewish deli

5-star ratings across the web make this bagel shop a must

German bier hall

Sausages, sauerkraut, & 37 beers (drinking boot optional)

Mexican street food

Spicy tacos & vinyl records -- what more can you want?

Quick trip to Japan

For some of F-M’s best sushi (don’t worry, it’s cooked!)

French finish

Delicate pastries and indulgent sweets end the day on a (sugar) high

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Fri & Sun


Fri 2:30pm

Sun 1pm


3 hours


1.2 miles


10 people


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Alcoholic Bevs

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