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Iconic Fargo Favorites

Food & Culture Tour

About Iconic Fargo Favorites

Fargo's most popular and loved restaurants, all 100% local.

Starting at the iconic Fargo Theatre, discover the institutions that spurred the growth of Downtown Fargo’s food scene, caused the city to invest in revitalizing its historic downtown, and made eating interesting, amazing dishes the thing to do in Fargo.

Sample the famous donuts of Fargo, savor award-winning Scotch eggs, dine with strangers (aka soon-to-be-friends) at the long tables of a German bier hall, give gourmet grilled cheese a try, and more.

It’s not all food -- you’ll also learn some history and cultural tidbits about Fargo and North Dakota from your charming guide as you stroll from place to place.

Basically, get a little exercise, a bit of interesting culture, and a lot of mouth-watering food. It’s a win-win-win.

The nitty gritty details

Food Tastings

Donut you want one?

Crazy flavors (maple & bacon, anyone?) to classic Bismarck

the boiler room

Iconic Scotch eggs in one of downtown's iconic spots

Say cheese, anyone?

Gourmet grilled cheese bistro... need we say more?

German bier hall

Sausages, sauerkraut, & 37 beers (drinking boot optional)

Don't be a square

Interesting flavors, rhombus-shaped pizza in a cool setting

The cherry on top

Finish the tour with a crazy small-batch ice cream cone

Tour Details








3 hours


1.3 miles


10 people


Sorry, none accommodated at this time

Alcoholic Bevs

Available for purchase

Craft Brews Tour Info

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TASTes of

the world


3 hrs

Sat & Sun

You wouldn't expect landlocked ND to have Japanese sushi, German bier halls, Mexican street food or French patisserie shops, but it does, and they all happen to reside in Fargo's downtown.

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fargo coffee crawl


2 hr 30 min

Fri & Sun

Beer isn't the only craft beverage on the Fargo food scene -- spend a morning letting us show you where to find the best gourmet coffee, local cafes and sweets shops in downtown Fargo.

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Craft Brews

& Bites


2 hr 30 min

Wed & Sat

Fargo's beer and spirit scene includes three local breweries, one distillery, and plenty of fantastic cocktail bars and pubs. We'll cheers to that, and to the delicious bites we eat along the way.

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Included with each tour

All Food Tastings

1 Bottle of Water

A Charming Guide

Map of Downtown

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