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Fargo coffee crawl

coffee & Food Tour

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About Fargo Coffee Crawl

Coffee-lovers, unite, for Fargo’s best cups o’ Joe.


Creamy cappuccinos, elegant espressos, lush lattes, perfect pastries -- the alliteration for this coffee and breakfast food tour could go on and on.

Fargoans LOVE a good, hot coffee; when you live in a place that reaches -40°F in winter, it’s not really a surprise. To meet the caffeine need, handfuls of locally-owned, gourmet coffee shops and cozy cafes have established themselves in Fargo’s downtown.

Join us for a morning jaunt of its historic streets, and let a local show you the must-stop shops for a java jolt (sorry, we swear that’s the last alliteration).


Along the way, we’ll also grab some donuts, bagels and pastries, so make sure you come hungry and wildly under-caffeinated.

Fargo Favorites Tour Info

The nitty gritty details

CofFEE & Food Tastings

Retro cafe & classic coffee

Just beside the iconic Fargo Theatre

Hole foods

Crazy donut flavors (bacon & maple, anyone?) to classic Bismarcks

Coffee as an art

Taste the love child of a MN coffee roaster & a cozy ND locale

Nordic-Jewish deli

5-star ratings across the web make this bagel shop a must

A local roast

Try the rich roast of Fargo's only independent coffee roaster

california flavors

This cafe's owners bring light & airy coffee to the Midwest

Treat Yourself

Because today is a good day to eat dessert pastries for breakfast

Tour Details






8:00 a.m.


2.5 hours


0.9 miles


10 people


Vegetarian & gluten-free available

Alcoholic Bevs

Not available

Stay tuned!

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Iconic Fargo Favorites


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Stay tuned!
Included with each tour

All Food Tastings

1 Bottle of Water

A Charming Guide

Map of Downtown

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