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Fargo's first-ever food tours.


Guided walking tours through Fargo's historic downtown.

Four tour routes stopping in over 20 of downtown Fargo's most authentic and local restaurants & eateries.


Let a local show you around, and get a meal while you're at it -- all food tastings are included.

All you have to do is choose the one that sounds tastiest.

There’s more to the Midwest than meat and potatoes. We’re out to prove it to anyone willing to brave the winds and wide open skies of North Dakota’s largest city.

Come for tasty samples from downtown Fargo’s most-loved local restaurants, and leave knowing why residents deserve the tagline ‘North Dakota nice’ and why Fargo holds spot 15 on the list of most-livable cities in the U.S.

Oh, and full, you’ll also leave full.

Iconic Fargo Favorites


3 hrs


1.3 miles

Downtown is the mecca of Fargo's authentic, long-standing, and adored local restaurants. This tour takes you to pretty much all of them (and lets you try a bunch of food, so that's cool, too).

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Fargo Coffee Crawl


2 hr 30 min


0.9 miles

Beer isn’t the only craft beverage on the Fargo food scene -- spend a morning letting us show you where to find the best gourmet coffee, local cafes and sweets shops in downtown Fargo.

Not running in 2020

Craft Brews & Bites


2 hr 30 min


0.7 miles

Fargo’s beer and spirit scene includes three local breweries, one distillery, and plenty of fantastic cocktail bars and pubs. We’ll cheers to that, and to the delicious small bites we eat along the way.

Not running in 2020

Tastes of the World


3 hrs


1.2 miles

You wouldn’t expect landlocked ND to have Japanese sushi, German bier halls, Mexican street food or French patisserie shops, but it does, and they all happen to reside in Fargo's downtown.

Not running in 2020
Included with each tour

All Food Tastings

1 Bottle of Water

A Charming Guide

Map of Downtown

Choose a Food & Culture Walking Tour

Food Tours

Fargo rises from the prairie, marking the eastern border of North Dakota with its organized sprawl and continually growing boundaries.

You may recognize it from the 1996 film, Fargo, featuring thick Midwestern accents and a gruesome woodchipper murder scene (we have the original on display!), or from the modern, adapted TV series written by the film’s original producers.

While the accents are pretty accurate, we swear the people are much nicer. In real life, complete strangers wave as you pass them on the highway and you’ll be hard-pressed to walk downtown without getting smiles or nods from passersby. People give out welcoming hugs and kind words like they’re going out of style.

Things to do in Fargo

Beyond the “North Dakota nice” residents, you’ll also find plenty of things to do and places to visit in Fargo -- from the Red River Zoo and the Old West-style town of Bonanzaville USA to the Fargo Air Museum and iconic Fargo Theatre (where each of our tours start), plus much more.

The main Fargo events center, the Fargodome, holds shows as huge as Elton John and Justin Timberlake (as well as an annual marathon run), while smaller venues host live music events, open mics, and comedy nights.


A large shopping mall, mid-sized airport, minor league baseball team, and ND’s largest college, North Dakota State University, also add to its draw.

Why Fargo deserves to be discovered


Fargo is a hidden gem among U.S. cities, ranking 15th out of the top 100 most-livable cities in the nation. While it supplies all the amenities of big-city living (except an IKEA), it maintains the friendly feel of a true North Dakotan small town.

Stretching under the great expanse of the ND sky, you don’t have to go far for incredible sunsets, rolling prairie as far as you can see, and unimpaired views of the stars.

The flat nature of the Red River Valley where Fargo sits has only one small drawback -- few trees and almost no hills to block the wind. So while Chicago may have cornered the nickname “Windy City”, locals agree we should put a bid in for “Windier City”.

About Fargo Food Tours

Fargoans love to try new restaurants and eating out is a major pastime. As such, Fargo’s food scene is diverse and constantly changing -- that’s where we come in.

The city’s restaurants deserve to be listed as top things to do in Fargo. We’ve created these tours to highlight some of the best ones and allow you to try them all in one fell swoop.

Whether you’re here on business, visiting family for the weekend, want to show your own guests downtown Fargo’s charms, or have lived in Fargo all your life, you can get something new and meaningful out of a food tour -- and eat a delicious meal while you do it.

About your guide

Like the restaurants, coffee shops and breweries on our food tours, our guide Meghan is also 100% local to North Dakota.

She’s lived in Fargo for five years, studied Hospitality and Tourism Management at NDSU, and gets her kicks from drinks and a good meal with friends.

Trying new foods and restaurants is her favorite part of travel, so she loves bringing that same joy to Fargo visitors AND locals.


About Fargo & Us

About Fargo
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